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Today, I’m gonna write about the cost of living in Singapore. Although it may be incomplete, but it’s alright I will give you the best review. According to my experience when I was living in Singapore, the cost of living in Singapore is not that expensive actually, you could save up some money here and bring it back home. Well the factors of having really expensive feeling is not that really true. Instead, it actually depends on what kind of place are you gonna stay at based on your preferences and your budget. If you’d like to rent a place in a luxury area, you may consider rent the whole unit or a room at condo/apartment. However if you only have a very limited budget. I would suggest you to rent and share a room at HDB.

HDB is on the left and Condo is on the right 🙂

The difference between Condo and HDB is located at the facilities that they offer. For example Condo has more amenities (prestige feeling) such as swimming pool area, tennis area, fitness area and etc, vis a vis the HDB blocks do not provide such amenities and they only have a park (maybe jogging area) to facilitate the tenants who like to do running or jogging to keep healthy.

Swimming pool (condo’s facilities)                               Playground area (HDB’s facilities)

The price of these two different types of accommodation may vary. Usually, the price of the condo/apartment is more expensive than the HDB blocks; the condo rental prices (whole unit) may vary from $1500SGD per month up to the sky (unlimited). On the other hand the HDB rental prices (common room, master room) may vary from $600SGD per month up to no limit. You may research the place to stay in Singapore at or

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Gumtree website and Propertyguru website.

Source: and

At the end of the day, it is your decision to take and how much budget do you have, if you are student I would recommend you to stay at your dormitory/student hostel or share a room at HDB block (the prices of these accommodations may different, please contact your education agency for more details), on the other hand, if you are worker and your salary is more than $2500SGD, you may consider the condo or the HDB (single room starts from $600 per month). You may share your room with your buddies to save up some money for your future. It’s great right! 🙂

Daily food and other expenses

For food and other expenses, you may calculate yourself how much do you need to spend in a month, for example if you have breakfast and dinner at home, you may save up some money for other things. The breakfast may cost you about $2-$7SGD (it depends if you only eat bread or whatever). In addition, the dinner may cost you about $3- unlimited (it depends if you eat at hawker center or buy some groceries and cook at home). You may consider to eat the whole day at the hawker center or food court too if you have some money and you wish to save it up a little bit.

Food court (Food Republic and Hawker Center in Singapore)


On the contrary, if you budget is really high and you can really afford to buy expensive things, you can consider to eat at the fine dining restaurant or food court (cost starts from $5 up to the sky; unlimited) for your own pleasure.


One of the fine dining restaurants in Singapore; Crystal Jade 🙂

Source: (Midas Food and Travel Blog)


Alright groceries! for the groceries, you may opt to Giant supermarket, NTUC fairprice, coldstorage (expensive) and etc. You can find a lot of things there from dairy products, beverages, snacks, home appliances, and etc

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Giant Supermarket, Cold Storage and Fairprice Xtra



Singapore transportation system is one of the best transportation system in the world. as you can experience it by yourself, all the transportation in Singapore are integrated and connected by each other, for example MRT or BUS, they all connected together, so you don’t baffle yourself when you’re traveling here in Singapore okay 🙂


Bus network and MRT routes around Singapore 🙂


One way ticket can easily be bought at the GTM or if you’re tourist, you could buy the STP (Singapore Tourist Pass) for a few days to save up the transportation cost


Singapore Tourist Pass (ordinary and plus) and the standard ticket


(Standard ticket can be topped up at general ticketing machine MRT station; can be topped up a few times only)

STP (Singapore Tourist Pass are available at the ticketing office at the MRT station)



Moreover, if you live in Singapore. I would recommend you to buy the EZ-link or NETS card for your own convenience (EZ-link or NETS card can easily be topped up anytime, anywhere)

Ez-link card and NETS card

*as far as I know, STP card can’t be topped up because it’s already based on the package


Alright. I’m done with this writing and thank for you guys to read my writing about Singapore

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