My Confession : Problem Gambling/Ludomania (English Version) Singapore

Hi everyone, my name is Woody. I am from Indonesia but currently living in Singapore. I am avid gambler and I would like to tell my story to you, well it all started when I graduated from Kaplan Diploma in Singapore. I was happy and cheerful because I had completed my diploma program. I did not expect what it would be in my future, then after more than 4 months, I felt despair and discourage about  seeking a job in here and in my country. The darkest side of my life goes from here. I was at home at that time and I was bored. I decided to take a walk and strolling around the city, furthermore I looked at the casino and I was really curious what’s inside there? then I began to enter the casino and roaming around. I determined myself to play roulette machine and won $120, wow I said, “I don’t have to look for a job, this is easy money and I can get this everyday” after that I went home with the money I got and bought something, at the next day, I went to the casino again and played roulette again, I won OMG, I was so excited about the money and the glamorous of the casino, then I went out. at the next day I went there again for the 3rd times and finally, I lose $200, I was crying and sad, but it did not stop me until I moved to the table games such as Sicbo or Roulette. At my first saw the sicbo table was great, Initially, I played with the small amount of money around  $5 then I got $35 or $70 even more. The highest payout that I had was $850, I was fun, a lot of fun and joy. On the other hand, I was thinking how to get huge amount of money, then it went so bad, I tried to play against the odd. Eventually, I lost everything racked up to $7000 even my saving money and my credit card were tapped out and gone into the sink hole. I was extremely sad and very desperate, because I had no money to eat, and pay for my bills. I’m finally borrowing some money from my friends and commited myself not to gamble again in the nearest future by applying self exclusion at the National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) (so I can’t go back to the devil’s house again and spendthrift like a fuckin’ dumb). I hope you guys read this story and learn from what we have done so far. SAY NO TO GAMBLE AND GAMBLE CAN MAKE YOU WORSE!

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2 tanggapan untuk “My Confession : Problem Gambling/Ludomania (English Version) Singapore

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    1. Dear First Titus

      How do I monetize my page without buying a domain/server hosting, could you please help me for that? I am kinda low now and I don’t really have so much money. I know I have already built this blog page since 2008/2009 and I have already wasted so much traffic since then. Well, if you have any suggestions for that, please let me know. Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

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