My Nightmare Story

I was on my bed.. I didn’t know what to do, I supposed to be dating with her today, but she didn’t reply my message. Ah this feeling. I don’t want to wait for so long. I just can’t barely standing any longer and wait for her. Until I fell asleep. Suddenly, I was shocked and amazed. I was inside the old apartment building with broken lifts and dirty wall (I saw a plenty of smudges, graffiti and dusts all over the place). I looked at the door near to the elevator, and then I opened it, wow it is a living room with 3 bedrooms and 1 toilet, but I saw something creepy here, I’d just seen a lot of condoms and shed blood tainted all the place. I was scared and ran out of the house. Apparently, there were 2 fat girls looking at me and they carried a dagger and sharp knife. I thought they wanted to kill me because I broke into her house without permission. However it didn’t, they were actually trying to tell me that they had been raped and killed by someone. Until I found that this place is used for satanic ritual abuse. OMG, I was like, speechless and started to escape and run away from this place.

After running away for about 30 mins from the haunted building. I found a vacant house with a mass graveyard with a lot of crucifixes (next to the vacant house). I was crazy and scared to death, my heart was pounding so hard until I couldn’t breathe. Eventually, I woke up from this nightmare, my breathing flows was not normal (panting a lot) and I now realized that I still in my room in my own flat. That’s all



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