My Relationship is Over.. it’s time to move on!

Hi guys, I really don’t know where to start, but I just wanna share my experience to you about my relationship with my gf. It all started, when I looked into online dating. I found a beautiful nice looking girl with complimentary smile and nice dress. She is 19 year old. She is Thai and she is currently living in Thailand. At first, I wasn’t quite sure about this girl, because it seems she is not able to speak english fluently, but after over time, she is finally able to speak English with me, even though her english is not as good as native speaker (broken english).

Furthermore, after one month ahead, I decided to meet up with her in Thailand, coz I’m so missing her so much (I couldn’t stand it anymore). However, in the meantime, when she started to chat with me a few days ago. It looks like she is always busy and she is not available for me all the time until now. I ‘m so sad and dejected right now because she didn’t pick up my phone, she didn’t reply my message and my phone is getting colder and colder over time. I don’t really know what to do right now. I’m just waiting for her to reply my text and try to contact her again as soon as I can. *sigh

God please help me to find a good gf, always there for me and never dumped me like what’s happening today😦

Why would you do this to me my beloved gf? Why would you dump me like i’m a trash can? I’m tired of all of these.. please answer me and trust me!

Thanks for reading this guys. I hope I could go and move on as soon as possible:)