Trip to Bangkok, Thailand

Sunday 04th July , I and my family went to Bangkok, Thailand, before that we must prepared as well and don’t forget to pray to God, after prepared, we are directly going to the Airport and when we arrived in Airport, to be proved we still waiting there until the airplane Garuda Indonesia was ready for embarkation, my father was hurry in there because we didn’t want to late. Finally while we were waiting at the Lounge, suddenly there was announcement that garuda has been ready for take off , and after that directly we went to boarding lounge and embarked. Finally we were sitting in the plane until we got food from stewardess Garuda officer, after dinner we waited in the plane, until we landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, to be proved Suvarnabhumi is really good with the unique design, spacious, and very clean, the immigration place, is very sophisticate, and they are very strict for tourists who visit to Bangkok. After immigration was finished, we were continue to baggage claim for taking my baggage and after that, we were still waiting until the driver is coming and not longer anymore finally the driver was come, and directly we were going to apartment at Park Suanplu, Bangkok. Finally after taking 45 minutes, we arrived at Somerset Apartment. After check in and deposit money, we were directly to room and take a rest until tomorrow,

Monday 05th July, nothing special today but sure…… just ate at the night.

Tuesday 06th July, same nothing

Wednesday 07th July, today we were going to Airport to pick up my mother and my brothers at Suvarnabhumi Airport, after that we just vacation to Mabungkong ( Place that we could shopping) and that’s all.

Thrusday 07th July, we just vacation in the city, and nothing special with this

Friday 08th July, today my mother not going anywhere, and I’m just going to mosque to do Friday praying at Indonesia Embassy.

Saturday 09th July, Today this was special for me because we were going to Pattaya Beach, in the morning after breakfast, directly we were going to Pattaya Beach by car, during in my journey, I felt a little bit bored because the way is too long and I felt very tired, my brothers always kidding with my sister behind my seat, until we arrive at Pattaya, to be proved I really surprised in here because was so many nightclubs, and bitches, also lady boys everywhere. But beside that we could see the beautiful scenery with the clean beach and white sands. After we visited this place, we are continued the journey to the Airport again because my siter wanted to go home, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the plane because the ticket agent was already closed, after that we canceled, and directly went to Mabungkong to buy souvenir and took a rest at Apartment.

Sunday 11th July, 2010

Today, we must prepare again because we wanted to go  to my hometown (Back to Jakarta), eiit… wait a second, before that we were going to Jakarta, we wanted to go vacation to King Palace at Bangkok, King Palace was located in the middle of city Bangkok, and the buildings made from a gold brass shiny, it has good temple but the weather was too hot on there, so we just continued journey directly to Chao Praya River which is took a long time to go there, finally we arrived at Chao Praya River (In this place we don’t have photos because we don’t capture it.) Chao Praya was a spacious river which was become a water transportation for local people, and tourism object for tourist in Bangkok, but to be proved when we arrived in there the weather was too hot so we had lunch first at Shangri-La Hotel. After we had lunch at Shangri-La Hotel, we came back to the apartment to pick up all the stuffs, and going to the airport because we wanted to go home and tomorrow is the first time of school orientation day. ( Plane by : Airasia route to Jakarta )















I’m sorry if there is a mistake in my sentences, because I’m not a native speaker and now I’m still learning about English

Thank you so much…..


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