Short story: The gambler who stops gambling and continue his life to find his love

It all sudden happens. He didn’t realize what he did all the times, it all turned out to be a miserable day or blackout day. He thought, he could get whatever he wants in his life, but his plans weren’t work as usual. He really wished to end his life and commit suicide coz he couldn’t barely endure with his problems (heavy debts and loses at the casino), but he also scared to die. Until he finally remembered when he started looking for a job a year ago but he could not get it because of his lack of skills and experience. He did not know what to do next, stuck in the middle of avalanche and hopeless. Suddenly, he saw a big place with a huge crowd. He was a bit curious and he started to think that maybe he might find a happiness in that place; he initiated to enter that place and began to place a bet (gambling) at a very first time. Initially, he won about $200 bucks from the roulette machine and sicbo. He thought, “hey, this is free and easy money, if I do this again next time I will make a multiple payout cash and I will be a rich man”. He finally decided that he wanted to come back again to the casino and started making money. He walked out from the casino and took the money that he won and he spent on everything he wants.

The next day, he was ready to come back and strike off the casino as he thought he could make a huge amount of money as yesterday. He woke up early morning and he went for his rush breakfast and he directly left his house and headed to the casino. When he reached at the casino. He took some of his winning money around $100 bucks and he started to play Sicbo and Blackjack. Fortunately, today was his lucky day. He won some of the money around $500 bucks and he went drinking with strangers at the cafe near to the casino. After 15 mins had gone away, he opened one bottle of whiskey and he shared his drinks with strangers. Apparently, he was gone unconscious and he started to talk nonsense to the people sitting beside him. He said, hey, whatcha doin’? Imma king of aces hahaha im undefeatable. The security officers who standing in front of the gates approached at him and he said hey man, you can’t get drunk in here, you must go home! The officer grabbed his hands and he suddenly get off the officer hands and he said “hey officer, im not drunk.. iam just want people know that i am undefeatable hahahaha”. The security officer took this incident seriously and the officer determined to handcuff him and kick him from the casino. He looked very angry and ferocious because he had been kicked out by the officer. Lastly, he went back home by shuttle bus that actually been provided by the casino management. He determined to come back to the casino in the next day.

The third day after he won consecutively, he decided to strike off again at the casino and he wanted something more and more money. He managed to spend $400 on baccarat and slot machine. Unfortunately, today was really different than yesterday, he lost all of his winning money $400 and he initiated to chase the money that he lose. He went withdrawing cash of $500 at the atm machine next to the casino. He started to play different games but he still lose the game. Finally, he lost all the money that he took off the atm machine. Immediately, he walked away from the casino due to heavy losses and despair feelings. Once he came back to his house, he looked at his table. There were so many envelopes saying that he needs to pay for house bill. He finally so frustated because he could not pay his bills as his money was gone away at the table. He eventually determined to borrow money from his friends about $800 to cover up his expenses (no choice). However, lately he was addicted to gambling, and he apparently pour all the money that he borrowed from his friends. At the end, he lost all the $800 and he went crying, until he became a begger and worked as a part time cleaner in a restaurant.

After 8 months past away. He is not longer gambling anymore. He finally found a better job with good salary and he paid off all of his debts. His friend Mogi is happy and congratulate to him because he is now debts free and he is now becoming a happy person in his life.

However, in the next year, after he completely off from gambling. He is still not satisfied about his life. He feels there’s something missing in his life. He looks pretty lonely and desperate because lately he used to go out by himself and talk alone. His friend Mogi helped him to find a gf, but none one has ever found in his heart. Furthermore, he opted to go travelling overseas and he wanted to look for a gf, but none of these girls were in his selection. He went to ask his other friends Jamie and Shan who come from China to help him finding a gf. Unfortunately, they could not find a good match for him because he did not want to have a girl that was not his criteria. At the end, he decided to just wait for the girl and he is still waiting until now. He is a pretty lonely boy.Sad-Wallpapers-Of-Boy-36


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