Taxi oh Taxi… why I cannot find you at night (Singapore)


Hello guys, I’m gonna tell you something about my experience finding a taxi/cab at night. It all started, when I went back after playing golf at night with my friends from Marina Bay golf course, then one of my friend asked me “are you gonna take a cab tonight?” I said yeah.. but my friend kept telling me that “there is no taxi at night and you will find it harder coz they are changing shifts/busy”. I just ignored what he said to me and I tried to walk around and waiting for 2 hours just to find a taxi home. I felt really grouchy until finally, I flagged a taxi in front of me by stopping him at the middle of the road. It was crazy and extremely hard. Why? Coz it was extremely rare to see a taxi at night and usually they will refuse passangers/will not take any passangers when changing shifts/busy. After that, I opened the door, he said “are you going to Yishun?” no I said “I’m going to Ang Mo Kio” and then he said “okay, because Yishun is quite close to AMK, I will take you there” I said, “thank you”. Then, the taxi driver took me home and can you guess how much is the fare? $35 dollar plus surcharge leh.. so expensive leh… that’s why I don’t want to take a taxi anymore at night..


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